martes, 29 de marzo de 2011

watusi#126 (makin time !!)

01-los peyotes-  garaje o muerte
02-La Ruta- With you
03-telegraph avenue-tookie tookie.
04-Mocking Byrds-Makin time
05- the pebbles - you're better believe it
06 - windows - nobody's baby
07-Evolution -I'm walking high
08- the pretty things - baron saturday
09- the noon express - flashback
10-WINPLE WITCH-Save my soul
11-marvin gave- - right on
12-steve wonder - don't you worry 'bout a thing
13- Donny Hathaway -  Hey Girl
14-sly end the family stone- - if it where left up to me
 16-The Style Council - A Solid Bond In Your Heart
17 - gloria paul - forse mai
18 - THE PIPE - Your daddy won't do it
19-SOUL JERS - Gonna Be A Big Man
20-AL GREEN-I´m still in love with you
21- brother jack mcduff - the shadow of your smile

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