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Sounds Like:

from Exclaim! Magazine Oct.2008: Tranzmitors "Live A Little More" 10/2/2008 By Cam Lindsay Exclaim! has never been shy about showing our love for Vancouver's Tranzmitors. Shit, it's impossible not to, considering just how dapper they look and how sweet they sound. With a crisp power pop punk sound and riffs as sharp and concise as the Jam (not to mention mod suits as fine as), Tranzmitors are the perfect answer to anyone looking for songs with the astute hooks of Elvis Costello's This Year's Model and the punk virility of the Buzzcocks. The band have just released a new twelve-inch EP on Deranged Records that follows up last year's self-titled LP. Leadoff track "Live A Little More" utilizes a rolling riff that borrows from the Ventures' surfing standards to energize the song's impish poise. It certainly sounds like something from the Stiff Records catalogue that would have sat on the charts next to the Undertones' "Teenage Kicks." And like the Briefs or the sorely missed Exploding Hearts, Tranzmitors have the kind of timelessness that makes me want to forget about any punk records made after 1980. Er, except for this one...

Record Label:

Stiff/Deranged/La-Ti-Da/Cat Call/Seeing Eye

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